Sunday, June 05, 2011

Better Late Than Never....For Lumber Delivery & Blog Posts!

Sorry for our delay in posting.....things have been rather busy here, as you might imagine! So here's brief summaries of the past few days:

Friday - We had a small group visit Hospital Escuela, a government run hospital for children. This can be a very challenging day emotionally, but the group was able to share many smiles and laughs with lots of kids who don't have a lot to be joyful about, given their circumstances and conditions. The building continued, and 3 more families received new houses. We also had a crew continuing to work on leveling several building sites...and this is not just dirt people, we're talking 'poo mud.' A small group also spent the morning packing 240 bags of food, and then went to a local community where they put on a vacation Bible school for 150+ kids, complete with snack time and numerous rounds of BINGO!

Saturday - this group proved that not even mountenaous terrain, faulty chainsaws and late wood delivery could slow them down....Extreme Makeover: Honduras Edition successfully constructed 3 more houses for families in need. A small group also went out and delivered food in a local community, and 100 families can now feel a small bit a relief not having to wonder where their next meal will come from.

Sunday - the group attended Church in the community of Los Pinos, a community where we worked several years ago. It was so powerful to see that despite language barriers or cultural differences, worship is worship, and worship we did! After Church the group had lunch at the food court of the local mall, where they dined on some wonderful delicasies (see 'American food') such as KFC, Wendy's, Subway and Burger King. Some even managed to squeeze in some ice cream from Bakin Robins or dougnuts from Dunk'n Donuts. After the mall, we loaded the buses and paid a visit to the Mi Esperanza store to do a little shopping for a cause. (If you are not familiar with the Mi Esperanza organization, be sure to check it out: Lori Connell and her team are truly changing the future for women and children of this country!) After some serious retail therapy, the group returned to the mission house for a little down time before enjoying an awesome dinner served by local restaurant Taco Loco....let's just say holy guacamole it was good!! We wrapped up with night with a birthday cake for Austin Blaylock, who is now officially a teenager!

There are many more stories and details from all of these events, as you might imagine. But as we all know, actions (or in this case, pictures) speak louder than words.....

Thursday, June 02, 2011

day one in the books

Today the group was sentenced to a day of "hard labor" 3 houses were built and land leveling for two other houses to come. The team broke into 4 teams and headed out on a beautiful blue sky day! Everyone come back tired, hungry and dirty. I always love to see that! Here are few pics from the crews! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Touch Down in the AM

June 1, 2011....The team touches down tomorrow. All systems go! Come on team!

Friday, June 11, 2010